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Inspiration for me comes in waves, it crashes against my hull and creates such disturbance that it simply must be acted upon – in whichever manner it must – lest I go mad, continually being thrown starboard to port and back again.

One of the things I hope to do with this blog is relay some of the experiences I’ve had in the past several years both in Real Life and Online.  Not to hurt anyone, but rather, to inform – or share things that may be useful to my readers.  It was a true journey – learning the trials and tribulations of being online; adopting a variety of personas in a virtual space; coming to terms with my perceptions of how it affected my real life; and truly learning “who I am” in doing so.

Sometimes I purge.  I think it’s good, and necessary, and I refuse to punish myself for it – or let anyone else do so.  But because I am kind of a neurotic person, I tend to think “how did I cause this” before thinking “who did this to me.”  And thus, when I purge, I promise what I post here won’t be much in detail– or blame, but more a bubbling of perceptions that I’m compelled to organize before truly moving on to storymaking.  So you’ll see it all here – first draft to final – I hope you enjoy my process.  I’ve come to.



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